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We live in a world of continuous disruption. Before we have a chance to respond to one disruption, another hits. Before we finish one transformation journey, we need to embark on another. How do you prepare the organization for this new normal of continuous disruption? This is the challenge that every organization is now facing, no matter how successful their digital transformation of the past decade has been.

Organizing for the New Normal explores how to prepare the organization for this unique challenge. How do you develop a strategy for what is coming next while you are busily driving your current transformation? And how do you convince emotionally exhausted employees to join you on the journey? The book does not provide a ready-made recipe for success, but rather explores how to put together the ingredients that will improve the odds of success.

Organizing for the New Normal outlines the leadership competencies critical for success in the “new normal”, such as:
· How to create a “permanent” sense of urgency and an organization-wide unease with the status quo
· How to convince people to exploit disruption as an opportunity when all they see around them are the negative consequences of disruption
· How to institutionalize into the DNA of the organization the day to day behaviors that would allow us to identify and respond to change early-and how to achieve this in a decentralized way
· How to develop a strategic response that is innovative and aims to attack the disruption rather than defend against it.